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Dear Friend,

You’ve probably heard this all of your life...

Fresh vegetables are ridiculously good for you, but most people just don’t eat enough of them.

My favorite way to eat my vegetables is in a BIG SALAD.

Salads always have been a part of my meals, even as a small child I ate them with delight. The thing that set apart the salads my family made was that we always made salads something special, a characteristic I’ve carried through into my kitchen and am excited to share with you.

50 Recipes for Homemade Salad Dressings and Salad Inspirations all grain-free, gluten-free & wheat-free


However, most often we feel like salads are boring and leave us feeling like we missed out on a bigger, more fulfilling meal. I have created this seriously scrumptious book of salad inspirations and dressing recipes for you because salads can be, not just as-good-as but, BETTER than the meals you’re missing when you take the time to be creative with fun ingredients and you’ve got to have killer dressings!

Although most salads are naturally grain free, you still need to be cautious; especially when ordering a salad out at a restaurant, purchasing pre-made dressings or bagged salad kits. It seems like when there’s a food, gluten and grains will find a way to sneak in; whether through cross contamination, thickeners in dressings or extras sprinkled on top. The only way to ensure salads are grain and gluten-free (or any food for that matter) is to prepare it yourself.

The salads in this book are quick, healthy & refreshing. I will show you that salads don’t have to be a flavorless bowl of lettuce with bland dressing. I’ll teach you how to make 16 of my favorite homemade dressings and inspire you to toss it all together into a creative salad. In no time at all you’ll be eating your [salad] vegetables with gusto and excitement!