About Hayley

Hayley HSITK GFGrabNGo AuthorHayley Ryczek is the voice behind the healthy cooking and natural lifestyle blog, Health Starts in the Kitchen.

In 1999 as a college senior, Hayley began researching health and wellness to find ways to get more energy and to loose the weight she gained while living a typical sdentary, collegiate lifestyle. Her research lead to a way of eating that is focused on unprocessed, real food.

Eliminating processed foods wasn’t enough. She still wasn’t energetic and her weight remained a concern. In 2010, Hayley eliminated gluten after a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. She has also eliminated most grains & legumes, added fermented foods, and switched to organic, pasture raised eggs, meat and raw dairy.

Although Hayley has made significant improvements in her health, her journey is far from over. Hayley has found a positive way to embrace her dietary challenges and is thankful that she has the ability proactively prevent disease and illness through healthy eating. She continues to follow the latest alternative health research and is continually striving to achieve optimal wellness.

Most often you will find Hayley in her kitchen, she has always had a passion for food and cooking. She resides with her husband of 12 years, Ray (and black lab, Hercules) on a 6-acre homestead in rural, southwestern Pennsylvania. Together, they have a beautiful organic garden, raise chickens, forage for wild edibles and look forward to their summertime Sunday evening “mountain rides” in their Jeep.

Hayley began blogging in November of 2012 as a way to share her creative and healthy (gluten free, real food) recipes with other people who were looking for ways to enjoy flavorful foods that are also healthy.