Crispy Grain Free Waffles

waffles-01It started out innocent enough, just craving waffles. Not just any waffles but super CRISPY Waffles!  The problem was I didn’t have a waffle maker and I wasn’t willing to use a teflon/nonstick coated one either. Luckily we were able to find an inexpensive Ceramic Coated Waffle Maker! Not saying it’s 100% safe BUT it is much healthier than the other options. 0003426446237_500X500 I’m not going to lie to ya’ – it took me a couple attempts to get them perfect, but finally I’m more than excited to share the recipe for my Crispy Grain Free Waffles :) They are Paleo& Primal Friendly too! Now – Here’s the real exciting news…. you can FREEZE them! and they can be quickly reheated for breakfast! Yep you heard me right –  you can make a giant batch and freeze them! Pop them into the toaster! waffle centered

Crispy Grain Free Waffles
Crispy Grain Free Waffles
  1. Preheat your waffle iron
  2. Combine all ingredients and gently mix - just to combine - a few lumps are ok
  3. Using a ladle, scoop batter into your hot waffle iron
  4. Cook your waffles according to the waffle makers manufactures instructions
  5. We leave ours go extra long to make sure they are super crispy
  6. Serve immediately OR cool on a wire rack (so they stay crisp)
  7. Cooled waffles can be frozen and reheated in the toaster for quick breakfasts ;)
  8. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

One recipe will yield approximately 7 large thick, round waffles
Plan 1/2 a round waffle per person - One whole waffle is a lot of food!

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  1. says

    I’m making them right now as I write. I have to admit that the first one wasn’t very crispy, but it was because I was impatient, and had to give it a taste before it had time to crisp up. :) The flavor was excellent, though, and I absolutely loved it anyway.
    I decided to write you to distract me from wanting to try another one before it’s ready again. I just peeked, though, and it’s looking good!

  2. Corita Fischer says

    These were excellent! Very crispy, but i did bake them a little longer than the beep on my machine told me. I just kept peeking at them. I froze some, so I want to see how those are when I use them.
    Thanks. These are just great!

  3. morgan says

    I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful recipe! I have been making these waffles about once a week.

  4. Wanda says

    I’m new to this whole grain free gluten free lifestyle. These look great as waffles are one of the things I’ve missed most. I have a question: is there a difference between using tapioca and arrowroot? Is one slightly better than the other? What is the purpose of this ingredient? Sorry if it’s a dumb question. Thanks!

    • Hayley Ryczek says

      You can use either in the recipe – I prefer tapioca since it’s much more affordable. It’s what makes them crispy!

  5. Maggie says

    Hayley, I don’t have a waffle maker, but was considering buying a silicone waffle mold for baking waffles in the oven. I really don’t have room for another appliance! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think your recipe would work with the silicone mold?

    • Hayley Ryczek says

      I don’t have any idea. In complete honesty I’ve never baked in silicone at all. Let me know if you try it out. :)

  6. megan says

    Wow!!!! These waffles turned out amazing and you are a genius for having created this fantastic recipe!!! Thank you!

  7. Layla says

    I’ve made this recipe a few times now. They really do reheat quite well. I have two kids and go to school full time on top of being pregnant. I usually make a double batch and freeze most of them. My waffle iron makes four squares at a time, so it makes way more than seven. These are perfect for when we’re tired of eggs every morning.

  8. Kathy says

    I have been experimenting with many different grain free waffle recpies. These are the best!. I did leave them cook a bit longer so that they would be more crisp and my husband likes lemon so added a bit more juice and a touch of coconut extract-yummy!

  9. Heidi Johnson says

    Amazing!!! My new favorite recipe, thank you so much. I had been craving this but didn’t have a waffle iron (just ordered the one you list above). I made them exactly as directed but cooked on a griddle as pancakes. They were perfect, just the best ever, restaurant quality. My hubby said these were his new favorite also, so I deleted all previous grain free recipes from my saved files. Thanks again, look forward to trying out the grab-n-go – I bought the book.

    • Hayley Ryczek says

      Sara – Each and everyone of us will have our own unique paleo template for eating, however there are established standards in the community – Paleo is not a low-carb diet and grain free starches such as tapioca/arrowroot are widely accepted.

      I wish you the best in your paleo journey.

  10. Emily says

    Is the lemon juice for flavor, or does it serve another purpose, like making a sort of buttermilk in combination with the milk?

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