Citrus Cilantro Tomatillo Salsa

citrus cilantor tomatillo salsa-01 I LOVE fresh salsa, but the run-to-the-mill red salsa is getting boring. With just a few simple ingredients you can make an amazing fresh & citrusy green tomatillo salsa! My husband’s love of Mexican and Latin foods inspires me to experiment with ingredients and flavors that I normally wouldn’t have in my kitchen. Tomatillos aren’t a veggie I’m completely familiar with – they remind you of a green tomato only with encased in a papery husk. Even in our rural location I was able to find some fresh beautiful tomatillos – hopefully you can too! citrus cilantro tomatillo salsa_ Use this amazing Citrus Cilantro Tomatillo Salsa on eggs, tacos, fajitas or with my homemade tortilla chips (Corn or Grain Free). I even like it as a garnish on chicken, YUM! And if you don’t like cilantro feel free to sub in parsley in it’s place! citrus cilantro tomatillo salsa 3*

Citrus Cilantro Tomatillo Salsa
Citrus Cilantro Tomatillo Salsa
  1. In your blender, combine all ingredients
  2. Pulse/blend until well combined but not completely smooth. You want some texture.
  3. Will yield about 1 & 1/2 cups of salsa and will keep in the fridge for a week
  4. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes

It's imperative to use an ORGANIC Orange since you are using the zest. If you use a conventionally grown orange the zest will be full of toxic pesticides.

1/2 a serrano pepper will make a HOT salsa. I recommend starting out with a small amount of pepper and adding more to taste if you do not want a HOT salsa.

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