30 minute Chicken & Broth

30 min chicken & broth-01 Running short on time? Need a quick dinner idea? What if I told you, you can take a FROZEN chicken and cook it in 30 minutes and it will be fall-off-the-bone-tender!?! And — Wait for it — and you’ll have beautiful chicken broth too! cooked chicken It just takes one thing to make this possible.. a Pressure Cooker. I realize everyone didn’t grow up with Pressure Cookers in their mom & grandma’s kitchens like I did -nor did most of you start cooking in a Pressure Cooker when you were just 20 years old. I get that Pressure Cooker may make you nervous, but I promise they aren’t scary. New Pressure Cookers  (like the 6 quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker that I have & love) have safety features to prevent anything unfortunate from happening. Just read the book, follow this directions and you’ll be fine! And, TRUST me. Once you start using a Pressure Cooker you’ll be bummed out you waited so long to start using one! Ok, so back to turing a frozen whole chicken into dinner in 30 minutes, right!?! I can’t stress enough the importance of supporting local farmers and strictly only purchasing pasture raised/organic/gmo & soy free chicken for your health. I know they cost more than cheap grocery store chicken, but we all know that it’s not healthy to eat food that’s been raised with soy & gmo feed, pumped full of antibiotics and led an abused life – confined indoors. Heard of Karma. Yeah. Buy local, know your farmer. You’ll reap the rewards in the end, I promise.

30 minute Chicken & Broth
30 minute Chicken & Broth
  1. Combine all ingredients in your pressure cooker - cutting veggies to fit inside your pot.
  2. Add filtered water to the max fill line on your pressure cooker
  3. Put on the lid and pressure gauge on your pressure cooker
  4. Following the instructions that come with your pressure cooker (electric or stovetop), cook for 30 minutes
  5. Allow your pressure cooker to depressurize on it's own (until your safety lock disengages)
  6. Open your pressure cooker
  7. Carefully remove the chicken from the broth. Feel free to broil your chicken to crisp the skin, if desired.
  8. Strain the broth to remove the veggies/peppercorns, use broth for soup or enjoy as is.
Recipe Notes

If you are cooking a soup chicken - increase cooking time to 45 minutes.

Newer models of pressure cookers don't come with weighted gauge - they are standardized. however if you are using a older style please use 10# pressure.

P.S. Make sure your pressure cooker is STAINLESS STEEL. Aluminum is NEVER safe or healthy to cook in. Use aluminum pressure cookers for canning only.
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