Grain Free Breaded Venison Steak

The BEST Grain Free Breaded Venison! Paleo & 21DSD Friendly - Egg/Dairy/Gluten/Corn Free too!

One of the first ways I fell in love with Vension was the Breaded Deer Steak that my hubby’s family made. And of course as we’ve transitioned to a healthier lifestyle & have eliminated gluten (amongst other things) it’s been one of the foods we’ve missed the most!

I’m so glad to share with you my AMAZING recipe for Grain Free Breaded Venison Steak that’s Paleo & 21 DSD friendly – not to mention egg & diary free too! And it’s so good you’d never even guess that’s there’s not wheat-flour used in it!

One of the biggest problems most people have have any type of breaded of steak is that the meat is too tough… so the common solution is tenderizing your meat with a hammer style tenderizer… BUT that flattens out your meat :( You MUST get one of these nifty tenderizers (click HERE to buy) It uses a bunch of tiny knifes to cut through the chewy stuff in your meat, yet not flattening it like a standard tenderizing mallet does. We’ve had ours for nearly 10 years and use it for so many other things too!

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The BEST tenderizer -->

Oh – and although I call these Breaded Venison STEAK – you don’t necessarily have to have “steak” any solid cut of meat will work that’s about 1/2 to 1/4 inch thick – Even after I tenderized some belly meat pieces, they were melt in your mouth tender :) Feel free to try any steak, chop, etc!

Once your venison is tenderized, you’ll want to dust them with my Grain Free Breading Mix , then dip them in coconut milk (learn how to make your own HERE or I recommend THIS brand) then back into the breading mix, just like this–>

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I arrange my breaded pieces of venison on paper plates (or use wax paper lined pates or cookie sheets) then I chill them for at least 30 minutes in the fridge/freezer. And feel free to make up a GIANT batch of these – get them all tenderized & breaded then just freeze them between paper plates or wax paper – you can fry them up from frozen beautifully!!!

Then just pan fry them in about an inch of fat (we prefer Tallow, but lard & palm oil will work beautifully also) Lightly brown them on each side then drain on a paper towel lined plate – season lightly with sea salt and Enjoy!!!

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The BEST Grain Free Breaded Venison! Paleo & 21DSD Friendly - Egg/Dairy/Gluten/Corn Free too!

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