Grain Free Fried Shrimp

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I don’t know why I didn’t make these Grain Free Fried Shrimp sooner! For the first 11 years that my hubby and I were together he had a seafood allergy and couldn’t eat his beloved shrimp. After our transition to a diet of nutrient dense, real foods his allergy was reversed!!  We’ve been enjoying shrimp so much since he’s recovered, but being a gluten free/grain free home we didn’t enjoy breaded shrimp, until NOW!

Of course the key to the success of your breaded shrimp is all about the breading, you’ll need to make up a batch of my Grain Free Breading Mix (get my recipe HERE) and keep it on hand.. not just to make these healthy breaded shrimp but also to make all sorts of other fun foods (chicken tenders, fried oysters, breaded venison steaks, country fried steak, etc) And don’t forget my amazing Cocktail Sauce (get my recipe HERE)!

And of course, these are Paleo & 21DSD friendly!

You want to start with Wild Caught, Raw Shrimp (I typically buy 31-40 count/pound) If your shrimp are frozen, thaw them in your fridge or in a bowl of cold water.  Peel your shrimp, leaving the tail then devein (I also butterfly them so that they cook quickly and evenly, buy cutting ALMOST the whole way through when deveining) Give them a good rinse to get any of the “vein” out and pat dry..

Lightly dust each shrimp with your breading mix…


Then dip in coconut milk (beaten egg works great too)….


Then back into your breading mix, coating well…


Arrange on a plate (I like to use disposable uncoated paper plates)…


Chilling your breaded shrimp will help the breading adhere and not separate from the shrimp – I will put mine in the freezer for at least 30 minutes – you can also make a bunch ahead and keep them in the freezer (fry them from frozen when ready to eat)


If you have a dedicated deep fryer feel free to use it, we just use a cast iron skillet with about 1 inch of tallow (lard or palm oil will also work – for more information on healthy cooking fats, click HERE)


Lightly fry your shrimp until brown on each side, then drain on a paper towel lined plate. Serve with my amazing homemade cocktail sauce (click HERE for my recipe)


Grain Free Fried Shrimp
  • Wild Caught Raw Shrimp, 31-40 count or larger
  • Grain Free Breading Mix (click HERE for my recipe)
  • Coconut Milk (click HERE for the brand I recommend) or beaten egg
  • Fat for frying (Tallow, Lard or Palm Oil)
  1. Thaw, Peel, Devein & butterfly your shrimp
  2. Bread each shrimp by Dusting with breading mix
  3. Then Dip in coconut milk to moisten
  4. Return to the breading mix and coat well
  5. Arrange on a plate and chill for at least 30 minutes
  6. Fry in small batches in hot 300-350 degree fat, turning to brown on both sides
  7. Drain on paper towel lined plate, season lightly with sea salt
  8. Serve with cocktail sauce
  9. Enjoy!


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