Chicken Gizzards and Broth

Gizzards and broth

I really wish I could jazz up the idea of Chicken Gizzards so everyone was as excited about them as I am… The idea of eating offal is scary for so many people and I completely understand… I grew up hating liver and couldn’t imagine that I would not only eat a variety of offal, but enjoy it immensely! Please just give gizzards a chance, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Why are chicken gizzards AWESOME? Here’s a few reasons…..

  • A 100-g serving of chicken or turkey gizzard supplies nearly 3 mg of zinc, or almost 20 percent of the daily value of this essential mineral, which is necessary for a healthy immune system.
  • Promotes heart health because it is an excellent source of selenium, which supports the antioxidant activity of vitamins C and E in your body. Choline is another heart-healthy nutrient in gizzard.
  • Natural source of niacin, or vitamin B-3, vitamin B-12 and vitamin B-6.
  • Chicken gizzard has 2.5 mg of iron, or 14 percent of the daily value, and turkey gizzard has 4.3 mg, or 24 percent of the daily value, in a 100-g serving. Iron is an essential mineral for healthy red blood cells, and a deficiency can cause anemia. The iron that you get from animal products, such as gizzards, is in the form of heme iron, which is easier for your body to absorb than the non-heme iron from plant-based foods, such as spinach and beans.
  • They taste really good! I can best describe them as very dark meat chicken. When cooked correctly they are tender and buttery (not tough and chewy as many people have experienced when they cooked them incorrectly!)
  • Chicken Gizzards are a budget friendly protein option. Organic, pastured, free range chicken gizzards are some of the least expensive parts of a chicken, I pay $2.75 a pound from a local organic farm. (to find local farms/farmer’s markets in your area check out or

So, now that you understand all the reasons you SHOULD be eating gizzards.. Let’s get onto my yummy Gizzards & Broth recipe, Here’s what you need:

Heat the pot of your pressure cooker to medium/high, add in coconut oil, onions, garlic, gizzards, salt and pepper.. Cook, stirring occasionally until onions are translucent and gizzards no longer look raw, then add in your water.

Put lid/weight on your pressure cooker and cook at 15 pounds of pressure for 20 minutes, allow to fully depressurize before opening :)

We enjoy our Gizzards & Broth with a scoop of my Perfectly Seasoned Rice and some sliced scallion tops!

6/17/13 **Due to Popular Request** I made up a batch of these over the weekend in our crockpot they turned out wonderfully also.. Here’s what I did:
I sauteed the gizzards, onion and garlic in coconut oil on the stove then transferred everything into the crock pot.. and added sea salt, pepper & water.. We cooked them covered on high for about 8 hours in our crockpot!



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Hayley Ryczek

Hayley Ryczek is a health food blogger at Health Starts in the Kitchen and certified Holistic Health Coach educated by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is passionate about REAL FOOD for optimum health and enjoys creating healthy recipes that she shares on her blog. Hayley resides in southwestern Pennsylvania with her husband, Ray. Together they have a beautiful organic garden, raise heritage breed chickens & turkeys and enjoy foraging for wild mushrooms & other edible treasures.

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5 Responses

  1. Sandy Shilling says:

    What kind of cooking utensil besides pressure cooker could you use? Crockpot?

    • Hayley says:

      Sandy – using a pressure cooker ensures the gizzards are tender and buttery.. you can try using a crock pot and cooking them low & slow but I can’t guarantee the same results :(

      Make sure you enter my June Giveaway, you can win a pressure cooker! If you don’t win, always check yard sales, thrift stores, craigslist for used pressure cookers (I’ve never bought one new!)

  2. Diana says:

    I tried your slow-cooker method yesterday. The store only sold gizzards with hearts do I used both. Olive oil was my “choice of fat” and I used plenty of pepper as you suggested. The hearts and gizzards came out “melt in your mouth” tender. (Almost too good since I kind of like a little chew in a gizzard lol) but I’m sure people will love it if they try this recipe. About 10 minutes before finish I added sliced mushrooms to absorb some of that amazing flavor and that made the “soup” very hearty and delicious. Try it with the mushrooms! Topped with chopped green onions was perfect! Thank you!

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