Homemade Healthier Chocolate Syrup

homemade chocolate syrup

Chocolate Milk. Who doesn’t love ice-cold chocolate milk? and let’s not forget spending a cold winter day with a mug of rich and creamy Hot Chocolate!! Or a drizzle of chocolate syrup that turns a plain coffee into a mocha!  It’s difficult to find a way to keep such decadent treats in your life, while keeping to sticking to a REAL FOOD lifestyle – have you looked that the list of ingredients in store-bought chocolate milk, chocolate syrup or hot cocoa mix? UGH! How gross.

How about a super easy chocolate syrup that you can make in just minutes? With ingredients that are healthy, like Raw Cacao??! Yes I’ve got the recipe for you!!

Homemade Healthier Chocolate Syrup
Homemade Healthier Chocolate Syrup
  1. Combine everything together in your blender and blend until smooth!
  2. Remember this syrup is concentrated/strong, use cautiously a little goes a long way...
  3. Enjoy!
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      I think coconut sugar is pretty amazing stuff. I’ve been looking for healthier alternatives for refined-white-sugar (which we all know is really bad for you!) Coconut sugar is not a refined sugar (meaning all the good vitamins and minerals are left in) and it has a lower Glycemic Index (less impact on blood sugar levels) than regular sugar. The best part is that you can use it 1:1 for regular sugar in baking and it makes the most divine carmel sauce (look around my blog I use coconut sugar very often!!)

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